About Us

Bauer Builders has experienced remarkable growth over the years, now ranking among the top ten general contractors in Dane County.

Our team consists of highly skilled full-time employees, including exceptional craftsmen and carpenters renowned in the region.

Since 1980, we have expanded our focus from primarily residential projects to encompass a wide range of commercial ventures, diversifying our portfolio extensively.

In addition to our comprehensive General Contracting services, which cover both negotiated design/build and plan/spec work, Bauer Builders boasts an excavating division, a self-operated concrete operation, and an on-site specialty cabinet and millwork shop.


Years of experience

At Bauer Builders, we are dedicated to delivering the utmost quality in both renovation and new construction projects. We firmly believe in establishing partnerships with owners, incorporating their unique knowledge of their business and lifestyle into every aspect of their building. With our expertise and industry knowledge, we assist owners in constructing their vision and bringing their desires to life.

Our commitment to this collaborative process acknowledges the vital relationship between the builder, architect, interior designer, and owner. Each party brings a distinct perspective and valuable input, ensuring a cohesive and successful project outcome.